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SARVA Ayurvedic Care an Authentic Ayurvedic treatment centre located at RVR Resort. Our expert Ayurvedic Doctors and Professional Therapists have rich knowledge and experience in handling treatments for all major ailments. “We care to restore your health and well-being in a natural way”. All Medicines used at SARVA Ayurvedic care are sourced naturally and prepared in traditional methods.

Our prime aim is to provide “Preventive care to preserve health and youth ”. Giving prior importance to preventive medicine suggests its inborn beauty in maintaining health and youthfulness of individual through various regimes including skin, hair and body care. This in totality can be said as complete health care.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Therapy at Sarva Ayurvedic:

Ayurvedic massage therapy at RVR Hotels kolli hills is specially structured for skin nourishment and good health benefits. It activates nerve mechanisms and enables growth factors.
Ayurvedic oil massage reduces fatty muscles thus it helps in reducing body weight effortlessly. Warm medicated oil used for massage which helps increasing blood circulation and detoxifying impurities.

Packages Available


Back Pain Therapy

Knee Pain Therapy

Neck Pain Therapy

Powder Massage

Body massage

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SARVA Ayurvedic Care
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